Survivor Pensions

Survivor Pensions


Adult survivors under the 1987 Police Pension Scheme include widows, widowers and civil partners but not cohabitees who were not married or in a civil partnership. Since 5 December 2005, same sex couples have been able to have their relationship legally recognised. The Civil Partnership Act allows same sex couples to make a formal, legal commitment to each other by forming a civil partnership. A couple in a civil partnership are treated in much the same way as a married couple. 

A widow or widower is the person to whom an officer was legally married when he or she died. A surviving civil partner is the person with whom an officer had formed a civil partnership when he or she died. A former spouse or civil partner is not eligible to receive an adult survivor’s pension.

The benefits available to widows and widowers including rights to ordinary, special, augmented and accrued pensions and the 13 week increase, are paid in the same way to civil partners, except that the entitlement only applies to service completed after 5 April 1988. 

A pension for a widow, widower or surviving civil partner, normally of half of the officer’s pension entitlement, ceases on remarriage, the formation of a new civil partnership or cohabitation. A pension is not payable to a surviving cohabitee who was not married to nor in a civil partnership with the officer.


Survivor Benefit Entitlements under the New 2006 Police Pension Scheme are different than those in the 1987 PPS in that: 

Adult survivors can include spouses, civil partners and unmarried partners who are not civil partners.
All adult survivor awards are payable for life, irrespective of whether the survivor remarries or forms a new partnership.

If the adult survivor is also a member of NPPS he/she is still eligible for an award.

See the 2006 Pension Guide and 2006 Regulations below for more. 

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2006 Pension Guide

2006 Police Pension Regulations



Please note this is a direct link to a GOV.UK website PDF which was updated in February 2015. You may find some of the Pension Administrators have changed. Please note that NARPO has been advised as of March 2016 that West Mercia and Warwickshire is now dealt with by: Kier Business Services, PO Box 485, Middlesborough TS1 9EE. Tel: 01642 727399




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