NARPO represents the interests of more than 88,000 former police officers of all ranks together with their widows, widowers and former partners. Its primary concern is to promote measures for the welfare of members with particular regard to pensions. In promoting those aims it takes a general interest in all issues affecting the health and wellbeing of older people in society.

NARPO is an active member of the Public Service Pensioners Council, the National Pensioners Convention and AGE (the European Platform for Older People). In addition it has close associations with several charities supporting both the police and older people.

NARPO is in a position to comment on a range of issues from the perspective of the older person. It is particularly informed to comment on policing and police related issues from the position of both former practitioners and current users of the service.

Please note that NARPO is not responsible for any content in external websites that it has linked to.


NARPO fully support the rights and opportunities of all people to hold employment without, harassment, discrimination or bullying. NARPO’s aim is to provide a productive working environment free from harassment, discrimination, intimidation, bullying and victimisation. We are committed to ensuring that employees are treated with dignity and respect. Harassment of an individual, by any employee or NARPO member, whether a work colleague or a branch member, can constitute unlawful discrimination.

NARPO recognises its legal responsibilities to prevent harassment related to sex, caring responsibilities, pregnancy, marital status, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, disability, sexual orientation, age, gender identity, religion or belief and aim to deal effectively and quickly with any complaints that arise.

Conduct which leads to the harassment or bullying of an employee, is not acceptable. Such conduct will render the individual responsible liable to disciplinary action. Depending on the level of harassment or bullying, disciplinary action will include formal verbal/written warnings, suspension and where necessary in the event of gross misconduct, may include dismissal. 

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